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New Blog

I set up this blog here for tech / video game stuff. I’m using Hexo which is pretty nice, and Surge, which is amazing. The Hexo theme is Frame, with a couple of modifications.

The cool thing about Hexo is that you write all posts locally as markdown files, and then Hexo generates a full blog made out of just static webpages, including tags, archives, etc - which means you don’t need a big fancy CMS or anything. And because the blog is just made out of static pages, you can host it with something simple like Surge.

I’ve backdated a couple of posts to create the illusion I’ve had this blog for a while, please don’t tell anyone

Elephants never tumble

Here’s a dumb game I made for Ludum Dare, where you stack items ontop of an elephant balancing over a gourge.

Made in one and a half days solo, because I was stupid and decided to change game idea halfway through the three day challenge. Still liked the end result though.

Graphics were hand drawn using the amazing Doodle Studio 95. Made in Unity, and should work in modern desktop browsers (sorry, no mobile support). The gameplay was my girlfriends idea (she’s much better at game jam ideas than me)

Go play on!

Two Player

I made a game for 7DFPS about the social interactions that happen when playing a couch co-op game.

You play a zombie shooter with your buddy, and the actions you take in the game affect the dialog that happens between you two.

The game got featured on Warp Door and Alpha Beta Gamer, and even got on Game-Curator’s Game Jam Games of the Year List!

I’m very surprised by the reaction to it and the kind comments, it’s really nice.

I also wrote a postmortem blogpost on here, if you want to read me rambling on too long about some of the design decisions.

Go play for free on!

Made in Unity using Doodle Studio 95 to create the sprites.