Last month I started a little project called Flowgrammer. It’s a prototype visual scripting language aimed at teaching children and adults programming concepts.

Video demonstrating how blocks and value wires work

Drag and drop scripting “blocks” and connect them together to create small procedures and methods.

It’s connected to a small 2D physics engine (using matter.js), which users can control via the scripts they build.

I made Flowgrammer entirely over the course of 12 days in April 2024 using node, typescript, riot.js and webpack.

Here’s a couple of other demos:

Showing boolean logic gates

Interacting with the physics sim using “world” blocks

Setting up an automated script that repeatedly slam dunks the ball

It’s a really neat project, but this prototype is now put on the back burner, but I’ll probably be picking it back up and adding to it when I have enough free time to do so.

You can test the pre-alpha version of it here - note that it only works for desktop browsers, not mobile.