Evaze is developed by John Tringham, working under the name Seed Gang Games. You can see what else I’ve been up to on this website, or on twitter.

The soundtrack was made by the very talented Thief Logic.

Testers/QA/advisers/patient friends/special thanks to:

  • Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Nathanial Sear
  • Jonathan Rowntree
  • Molly Syrett
  • Gervais Beecham
  • Ella Okore
  • Tom Howlett
  • Chris and Dan Bison
  • Connie Triggs
  • Sam Hooper
  • The original Seed Gang
  • Quiche Crew
  • Swamp Boys
  • Red-UI, and everyone at Acturis and BBD
  • My brother, sister, mum and dad
  • Everyone who told me to hurry up and release the game already
  • Everyone who I forgot to put on this list (sorry)

Big special thanks to everyone who played and gave feedback on the original Ludum Dare prototype, especially Randomise User for including it in their youtube series!

The game was made in Unity, and was originally prototyped for Ludum Dare 47 - you can play the original version in your browser for free on itch.io.

The sound effects were either recorded or made using Chiptone, and then edited in Audacity.

If you liked the game please remember to give it a review on the App Store/Google Play! It really helps.

If you’ve found a bug or have any questions please let me know! Send an email to john@seedganggames.com and I’ll take a look and try to sort it out.

Thanks for playing!