I made a game this Ludum Dare with my friend Nathanial - it’s a little turn based roguelike game where you’re permanently on fire.

All the feedback is really nice so far, which is cool, but we won’t know the final rankings until the voting period is over, which in a couple of weeks from now.

Here’s some screenshots:

It was a Ludum Dare game, so it was made all over a weekend (saturday-monday) by the two of us. We both worked on everything at once (graphics, code, game design, etc), both working on whatever we felt like at the time, which was a bit chaotic but worked well.

The game was made in Unity, and all the graphics were made using the amazing Doodle Studio 95.

Go play it on itch.io!

or have a look at the Ludum Dare submission page if you’re into that sort of thing.